People used to walk, run or swim as a means of transport.  The most efficient way to travel by then was by water which was rather slow and also expensive.  This also led to the growth of cities along the rivers and the sea-shores where the canoes, ships, and boats could dock.  Animal transportation also started as a way of ferrying people and also commodities.  With time the Intermodal Trucking Los Angeles industry have completely developed.


The mode of transportation has developed and evolved over time.  There are different means of transportation at that one can choose to use and these will depend on the capability, the route taken and several other factors that can dictate the mode of transportation that you opt to take.  , Human powered is one of the transportation modes.  It is most common in the developing and the underdeveloped countries, and it has many advantages.  They include saving on the transportation costs, they can easily be used to access different locations; they can be useful for the physical exercises and are helpful in the environment conservation.  The human transportation has been advanced by the introduction of bicycles for cyclists to use, skiing, skating rowing which one can use in different environments.  The animal powered transport can be ridden by human or by pack animals for the movement of commodities and also people.


Travelling by air is effective and efficient and is one of the modes that you can use for transportation.  You can choose to transport the perishable goods in this way.  There are quite some people who prefer to use this means of transport because of its convenience.  You can also choose to use the rail for your transportation.  The railways are used worldwide, and they can run from one country to another.  They use a large amount of the service land, but they are really important in the transportation industry.



You can choose to travel by road as another means of transport.  The roads interconnect from one city to another, villages, towns and countries which is a convenient way of people connecting and travelling.  Travelling by road offers convenience.  Another choice available for travelling or transporting of commodities is through the water transport.  The large cargos provide an organized and also efficient transportation method.  Factor in the time that you will take on the journey, the cost of travelling and also the flexibility of the means you are using to travel.  If you are travelling for longer distances you should ask yourself whether it would be convenient to travel by air or just by road and how long will your journey take.